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Aren't You Tired of the Game?!
I’m sure you've said so at some point in your dating life, right?
You meet someone and they seem to be perfect…or at least good enough to be called perfect. They could be “the one.” Things are going well, you think. But then you learn about all the games being played.
  • They won’t return your calls
  • You’re the one, but they’re still dating others
  • They’re dating you, but openly flirting
  • They say you’re just a friend…
  • They don’t want to define the relationship
  • She’s playing hard to get
  • They date like they don’t have children at home
I’m sure you know other games I haven’t listed. You hate the games, right? And you want to escape the game. But every time you think you found your way out, they keep pulling you back in!
At some point you must become absolutely fed up with the games!
And if you’re feed up, then you need a copy of Game Changer: How to Find a Championship Love! And if you know you're the type that needs more than a book, please click here to learn more about my personal training program.
Book Description
Even if we're not athletes or die-hard sports fans, most of us understand the dynamics that shape teams, games, and championships. Relationships are a lot like sports, yet we tend to be confused, overwhelmed, and defeated by the process of finding our soul mate. Playing for a Championship Love compares basic concepts from the sports world to relationships, making them easy to understand. The author, Rev. Jabriel S. Ballentine, shares his insight as a sports fan, priest, and hopeFULL romantic to remove the mystery from building successful relationship. Fr. Ballentine speaks from personal experience; he used the concept of “Championship Love” to finally meet the love of his life to whom he is now married, after he endured some "losing seasons." Game Changer reveals what most people are doing wrong in relationships, how to redefine the game of love as we know it, and how to build a lasting marriage that honors God.
The world that we live in can be such a tough place for relationships. Statistics of divorce, affairs as well the cultural norms can make commitment such a scary word. I'm thankful that my friend Jabriel is doing the hard work of sharing the simple truths, that we as a society often forget. I believe that the truths found in this book will help to create of culture of men and women who can be "champions of love.”
- Ché Scott, Founder: New Guy Code
Jabriel Ballentine is a Priest, Relationship Coach & Spiritual Director who helps individuals & couples strengthen their relationships with themselves, each other and God.
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